Message to My Girl : A Dying Father's Powerful Legacy of Hope

Message to My Girl : A Dying Father's Powerful Legacy of Hope

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Title: Message to My Girl : A Dying Father's Powerful Legacy of Hope
Author(s): NOEL, Dr Jared
Category: Biographies
New / Used: New
Book Type: Small paperback
Published: 2015
Published By: Allen & Unwin
Pages: 256


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Like Tuesdays with Morrie this is a beautifully written reflection on the search for meaning in life and death.

With only six weeks to live, Dr Jared Noel took on the most ambitious project of his short but significant life - to document what it was like to die, and to record his final reflections on where a young person facing the end of life could find hope, value, and meaning. The result is extraordinary: a deeply personal and highly inspirational story of purpose, courage and love to the very end.

Jared was dying for almost six years, but his determination to make a difference in the lives of others drew international attention, first through The Boredom Blog, his transparent reflections on the life of a terminal cancer patient, and then through a crowd-funding campaign to buy chemotherapy drugs that would keep Jared alive long enough to see the birth of his daughter, Elise. The campaign raised $170,000 in just a few days and Jared was able to share the first eight months of his baby girl's life.

In the final days of his palliative care at home, Jared was determined to leave Elise a special legacy: an account of his inspirational story and a faithful picture of the dad she would not know. Battling ever-mounting fatigue and sickness, he met with writer David Wyn Williams daily to record this honest, emotional and profoundly insightful reflection on life, death and everything in between.

Author bio:

Dr Jared Noel was a young doctor whose inspirational blog The Boredom Blog outlined six years of living with cancer. He died in October 2014, leaving his wife Hannah and baby daughter Elise.

David Wyn Williams, PhD, is a writer and academic who is published as a journalist and as a theologian.

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