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In Search of Ancient New Zealand

In Search of Ancient New Zealand

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NZ History
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Title: In Search of Ancient New Zealand
Author(s): CAMPBELL, Dr. Hamish
Category: New Zealand
New / Used: Used
Book Type: Large softcover
Published: 2007
Published By: Penguin Books
Pages: 239
Size (mm): 185 w x 260 h x 20 d


New book


1st Edtion. Is the tuatara really a missing link? To what? Who or what were the first 'New Zealanders'? How extensive were New Zealand dinosaurs? Could there have once been New Zealand mammals that haven't yet been discovered? When was New Zealand completely under water, and how do we know? What is our latest information about how New Zealand evolved? What do the newest fossil discoveries show us?

In this wonderful book palaeontologist Hamish Campbell and natural history writer Gerard Hutching present an exciting new account of New Zealand's evolution aimed at the general reader. For the first time the story of the 8th continent of Zealandia is revealed. From 3-billion-year-old grains of sand found in present-day rocks, through the momentous breakaway from Gondwanaland to the drowning and uplift of New Zealand giving rise to today's landscapes, this new book traces our absorbing geological story. Hamish Campbell's new thesis will attract headlines on publication. The book is brilliantly illustrated. Photographs of fossils, rocks and the current landscape are linked to outstanding state-of-the-art digital imagery from the files of the New Zealand Institute for Geological and Nuclear Sciences.

Co-written by geologist Dr Hamish Campbell and award-winning author Gerard Hutching, this revised edition updates recent developments in the Zealandia drowning controversy. 

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