The Naked Rower : How Two Kiwis Took on the Atlantic - and Won!

The Naked Rower : How Two Kiwis Took on the Atlantic - and Won!

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Title: The Naked Rower : How Two Kiwis Took on the Atlantic - and Won!
Author(s): HAMILL, Rob
Category: Boats & Marine
New / Used: Used
Book Type: Small paperback
Published: 2000
Published By: Hodder Moa
Pages: 231
Size (mm): 15 w x 235 h x 20 d


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Rob Hamill and Phil Stubbs were the winners of the inaugural Trans-Atlantic Double Handed Rowing Challenge. Their victory elevated them to hero status both in New Zealand and around the world. This is the story of how they triumphed over the elements to win the race.

We had crossed 2757 miles of lonely and often dangerous ocean. We had rowed, virtually non-stop, for 41 days and nights, averaging 2.8 knots for each hour at sea …After 101 years, a two-man crew had finally rowed the Atlantic faster than the legendary Norwegians, Habro and Samuelson. And now is didn’t want the journey to end.” 

The Naked Rower is the story of one man and his dream. The man was New Zealander Rob Hamill and the dream was to win the world’s first trans-Atlantic rowing race. It was, they told him, the impossible dream. He had no money, no rowing partner, no knowledge of boat building and – while he was a world class sculler – he had never rowed at sea. Worse still, when he finally did try blue-water rowing, he became chronically seasick. 

The Naked Rower is the tale of how he overcame these barriers and of how he an his fearless partner Phil Stubbs in KIWI CHALLENGE finally lined up at the start line in Tenerife. The dream, however, was about to become a nightmare.

Illustrated with b&w photos.

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